Professional Development Avenue

Want to develop your personality? Need career advice? We got your back! Introducing another legendary avenue of the club, the Professional Development Avenue of RACUOK.

We believe that one of our main purposes is to encourage our members and fellow Rotaractors to serve the community through their skills, to share them with others and learn through fellowship. Throughout our journey, we’ve been able to promote high ethical standards,  professional-self growth and to provide career advice to the undergraduates. We are humbly proud of the work we’ve done and we promise to continue to help our fellow Rotaractors, students & everyone else from our community to become their better selves.

Directors - Professional Development 2021-22

Past Projects

  • Speak Up
  • Skill up
  • BrainBox 2.0
  • Agithon
  • ElevaIT
  • Motivational session
  • Grooming session
  • Biz-Speaks
  • View me
  • Overcome 
  • Get in Linkedin 

Incoming Projects