International Service Avenue

From language sessions, from the other side of the world to hosting Egyptian gods at night, you name it, they do it. Here’s the International Service avenue of RACUOK.

As the International Service avenue, we believe that our main objective is not just to build up fellowships with Rotaractors around the world but also to promote our culture and heritage and promote humanitarian work around the world.  We are humbly proud of our achievements so far. Through our dedication, we are proud to say that we’ve established amazing connections with many International Rotaract clubs and have done many peacebuilding projects together. As the International Service avenue of RACUOK, we promise to strive forth and promote culture, peace and understanding among the international communities.

Directors - International Service 2021-22

Past Projects

  • Nightscape

  • Genial(French language teaching program)

  • Aham brahmasmi ( a joint project )

Incoming Projects

  • Athena