Finance Avenue

About Us

We're the masters of coin and keepers of accounts

Meet the financial architects of RACUOK, where every cent is meticulously managed, and financial wisdom is our currency. Introducing the Finance Avenue, the guardians of fiscal responsibility.

what we do

Our role at the heart of RACUOK’s financial operations is comprehensive. We are responsible for managing the club’s finances, ensuring that every transaction is balanced and accounted for with precision. Beyond financial management, we serve as guides and mentors, offering our expertise to fellow members on securing sponsorships and managing funds effectively.

Our mission is to maintain financial stability within the club, enabling us to continue its community service efforts and serve as a beacon of change.

Our aim

The Finance Avenue intends to safeguard the club’s financial health and empower our members with financial acumen. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of financial responsibility and transparency. Our long-term goal is to ensure that RACUOK thrives financially, allowing us to continue serving the community and executing impactful projects.


Past Projects

These past projects reflect our commitment towards strengthening fellowship among our members through continuous and coordinated teamwork.


Investor ’23

The Finance Avenue of the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya never erred to be the silent ambassador of its brand. Project Investor which is the remarkable project of the avenue was successfully held for the third consecutive year. 



The Finance Avenue along with the Sports & Entertainment Avenue wanted the world to know that RACUOK is not just another Rotaract Club, but a club that can do wonders.

Meet Our
Avenue Directors

Rtr. Uthpala Rathnayake

Co-Director Finance Avenue

Rtr. Nifal Munhim

Co-Director Finance Avenue