Community Service Avenue

Living up to the true spirit of service, reaching out to the ones in need, standing tall and humble amidst others is what we do in the Community Service avenue of RACUOK, while bringing out the empathetic human being inside us.

Our primary intention is to spread the essence of true community service through every step we take and every project we do. We are humbly proud of the lasting impact we have left through our projects so far. Being an active avenue, whatever the circumstance is, we are always ready to jump in and extend our helping hands to the ones in need. As the Avenue of Community Service, we promise to continue our quest towards the betterment of our society.

Directors - Community Service 2021-22

Past Projects

  • Prarthana
  • රැකවරණ
  • සුරක්ෂා
  • ස්නේහදාන
  • Clean Hands
  • H.O.P.E – Hold On,Pain
  • Track the spread
  • Green Legacy
  • Ends
  • CoviLearn
  • Eco Heal(Young Blood for a Preserved Tomorrow)
  • Pure Drop
  • FeMale
  • සිතුවිලි
  • Cherished
  • පවුරු

Upcoming Projects

  • Little Hands
  • යාලුවා