Member Relations Avenue

About us

We are the champions of unity and friendship within our club's embrace

Introducing the architects of friendship and unity within the club, The Member Relations Avenue. This is where a high member engagement is constantly innovated while also playing a significant role in serving the community.

what we do

At the core of RACUOK’s close-knit community, the Member Relations Avenue is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the bonds that tie our fellow Rotaractors together. We are the catalysts behind member engagement, constantly introducing new initiatives and activities to keep the club vibrant and connected.

Our role extends beyond fostering internal connections; we also actively contribute to serving the community, embodying the spirit of Rotaract.

Our aim

Our aim is to nurture the spirit of fellowship within the club. We hope to continue our mission of fostering unity and spreading the spirit of service, making RACUOK a place where friendships flourish and meaningful contributions are made. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more connected, and more service-oriented club.


Past Projects

These past projects reflect our commitment towards strengthening fellowship among our members through continuous and coordinated teamwork.


The RotaTomorrow Awards 2021-22

A room filled with gleaming eyes, glittering lights and a thousand smiles was brought to life with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, marking the commencement of the most speculated night in our Rotaract Club’s calendar – The RotaTomorrow Awards 2021-22!



The wonderful Funday did touch the hearts of every member creating a lovely bond and reminding them that the club isn’t just a place to volunteer but a place where you can also be a part of a huge family and develop as a person. 


සෙනෙහෙ දිය

සෙනෙහෙ දිය is a project initiated by the team Los Amigos with the objective of standing together for a positive change and inspiring the ones in despair. The project is based on the Rotary focus area ‘Maternal and Child Health’.

Meet Our
Avenue Directors

Rtr. Janali Piyadigama

Co-Director Member Relations Avenue

Rtr. Leshan Sanjeewa

Co-Director Member Relations Avenue