Club Service Avenue

Starting from the installation and then handling members during the Rotaract Family(ish!) trips to the very last club project that requires the directors to pull every strand of their hair, RACUOK Club Service avenue has always made us feel at home.

As a major part of the club, we work together to strengthen fellowship among our members through continuous and coordinated teamwork. We believe that the strength of the club lies on the unity among members. Stronger and more united the members are, the stronger the club will be to carry out its mission. Throughout many years, we have given life to many projects that contributed towards genuine fellowships among our members and among other clubs. As the Club Service avenue of RACUOK, we are proud to say that our club is one of the strongest clubs in terms of workforce, unity and determination and we promise to continue that legacy forward.

Directors - Club Service 2021-22

Past Projects

Installation Ceremony
  • Rota Sonduru Sajje
  • L.E.A.P
  • Jingle Melodies
  • Santa’s Elves
  • Rota Tommorrow
  • K-Fandom
  • Filmadora

Upcoming Projects

  • Kringel