Sports & Entertainment Avenue

From organizing Indoor to outdoor sports, whatever happens, this avenue will definitely keep you entertained. With cricket running in its veins, here comes the sportiest avenue of the club, The Sports and Entertainment Avenue of RACUOK.

Our main aim is to encourage positive development in the sportsmanship of the club members & their enthusiasm regarding sports. We think that sports is a splendid way to develop fellowship. Therefore, as an avenue that is concerned about sports, we always try to come forward with projects that lift up team spirit and self esteem. We always encourage our members to join sports-fiestas held by the Rotaract community and we are proud to say that we have one of the best cricket teams in the Rotaract community. Our long term goal is to unearth the sportsman/sportswoman in every member and we are working towards that with great dedication and enthusiasm.

Directors - Sports & Entertainment 2021-22

Past Projects

  • Down the wicket

  • Quarantainment

  • Middle Stump

Incoming Projects

  • Down the wicket 20-21