About RotaTomorrow Initiative

Looking back at the glorious 10 years of History of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya and the history of the Sri Lankan Rotaract movement we noticed that the most successful years had one thing in common; an excellent member engagement. That observation led to the birth of “The RotaTomorrow ” initiative. A project that would include the entire member base of University of Kelaniya Rotaract movement thus having an immense positive impact on the entire Rotaract movement. Thereby the fellowship and betterment of the Rotaract movement became the fuel for RotaTomorrow. It would catalyse the member retention amidst a chaotic atmosphere by creating a platform for the members to interact and improve fellowship. Furthermore it was anticipated that through this project we could ensure that club sustainability by recognizing emerging talents and novel ideas of the members. Through this a much needed creation of a resource bank that could be utilised in the future was expected. 

When grouping, the entire member base was divided into 10 groups, with each group covering one of the Rotary focus areas and SDG goals. The following are the topics that were allocated for each team.       

  1.         1.Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
  2.         2.Disease prevention and treatment.
  3.         3.Water and sanitation.
  4.         4.Maternal and child health.
  5.         5.Basic education and literacy.
  6.         6.Economic and community development.
  7.         7.Fellowship and betterment of Rotaract Movement
  8.         8.Drug prevention and  Rehabilitation
  9.         9.Woman Empowerment
  10.         10.Wildlife and Life Below water

All the 10 teams involved in the RotaTomorrow project concluded all their projects on 31st March 2021 and we initially planned to organize a physical awards night to appreciate all the hardworking and enthusiastic team members, however due to adverse circumstances that prevailed in the country acted as an obstacle to this, consequently a virtual awards night was held. The RotaTomorrow awards night was undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic events in the Rotaract calendar which was meticulously executed. There was a massive participation of over 150 including members of the district steering committee, guest artists , special invitees, Rotaractors and non Roctaractors. 

Furthermore, It is evident through the RotaTomorrow initiative that as a club we were able to achieve our main objectives. In terms of fellowship and member retention we were able to create a massive impact. This project was able to maneuver the pandemic situation in a favourable manner to the club. Further in terms of club sustainability too this project proved the futuristic vision it had as productive. There inevitably RotaTomorrow project can be

Sustainable Development Goals

Rotary Focus Areas


Fellowship and betterment of the club

RotaTomorrow initiative was organized with the objective of improving fellowship and betterment of the club. The circumstances that prevailed in the country at that time restricted organizing physical projects and thereby had a negative impact on member interaction and cooperation. This project improved fellowship and bonded members through their respective projects. 

Activating the member base

RotaTomorrow initiative was also crafted in a manner to activate the member base. The pandemic situation led to a restriction of projects and the member base becoming more inactive. Therefore, by introducing a competition distributing the entire member base to 10 teams, it was expected that it would create an exuberant transition from a monotonous pandemic situation to gather great momentum. 

Club sustainability

RoaTomorrow project was initiated with the futuristic objective of creating a sustainable impact to the club. Due to the lack of physical meetings it was a tedious task to mold future leaders of the club and a productive member base. It was expected through this project it would give an opportunity to mold effective and valuable leaders under current board members and to recognize new talents in the club to create a necessary resource bank that could be utilized in the future. 

RotaTomorrow Competition Projects

ALERT is a project initiated by RotaTomorrow TeamA which focuses on drug prevention and rehabilitation. It was a project based on SDG No.3 and rotaract focus area disease prevention and treatment.In Sri Lanka the youth and the school children are addicted to liquor, drugs, smoking and various intoxicating substances such as capsules, betel and betel nuts. Even the adults are engaged in these immoral habits. We identified that if we are to reduce this from happening, first of all they should be enlightened about the adverse effects of using drugs and liquor. Thus, the project was focused on raising awareness about drug addiction,prevention and rehabilitation.

The project happened in 3 phases.The first phase focused on raising awareness about the topic through a blog article series. These articles were written by our team members and they were published in the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya official blog page. Next we planned an online oratory competition which was an open contest.Through that we tried to encourage the youth to raise their voice on the topic and give a platform for them to encourage others to take initiatives about the issue of drug addiction. We got more than 50 contestants registered for the competition which was a difficult target to achieve in a physical contest too. The last phase of the project was a live event via zoom and FB live. In that we had a keynote speaker, Assistant Director of National Dangerous Drugs Control Board who helped us in enlightening the audience about the topic drug addiction and rehabilitation.The event consisted of the grand finale of the oratory competition where the top 5 orators gave speeches on the topic to the live audience. We were also able to share a true story of a person who was a drug addict which was able to create a real impact in the minds of the audience. The event also consisted of a guest speech from Rtn.Rtr.Kavindra Kaun Sigera which focused on the topic of the engagement of youth in contribution to drug prevention and rehabilitation.

The project ALERT had a massive audience of over 400+ participants on both zoom and facebook live. The positive feedback received from the speakers and the participants were phenomenal. The project enabled a different perspective on the topic drug prevention and rehabilitation which inspired the participants to stay alert and just say no to drugs.

We were enthusiastic upon receiving the topic “ Water and Sanitation” because it is such a timely topic. Hence, as a result, the project “Pure Drop” was birthed by RotaTomorrow team B, Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya. Through our project, we aim to raise awareness in the community about the significance of the sustainable consumption of clean water and the benefits of sanitation. With its different levels of activities, this project is to make a huge impact in society to improve the facilities in clean water and proper sanitation.

For us to achieve our objectives, we focused on the main four elements onhand, SDG 6, issues prevailing related to Water & Sanitation and innovative solutions to them. To penetrate the society’s knowledge barriers on this topic we thought of sharing flyers about what SDG 6 is. To promote sanitation we planned to distribute hand sanitisers and face masks to the Minor staff at University of Kelaniya. To further get the local youth active in this cause we planned a competition on “Water & sanitation” and we also reached out to University ambassadors on SDG 6 in Sri Lanka.

For the final event, we invited Mrs Raini Charuka, a renowned artist who is currently he SDG 6 Ambassador in Sri Lanka.  It was thought that through a renowned artist like her it would be easy for us to reach the young audience and to discuss the prevailing water and sanitation situation in Sri Lanka

Pure Drop had an audience of 100+ participants through Zoom and Facebook live. We received amazing feedback from our guest speaker as well as from our audience. We believe that our efforts will leave a legacy and will be carried on into the future by our fellow Sri Lankans through innovative solutions to the water and sanitation issues.

Rota-Tomorrow team –C project group was given the topic peace and conflict prevention / resolution. Going on the topic a unique and innovative theme was selected by the team, by incorporating all the subprojects to the cinema and filming. The name “Filmadora” itself reflects this theme.Team C managed to launch its deliverables successfully in seven deliverables while securing the consistency and relevance to it’s core content of peace and conflict prevention / resolution as well as the cinema.

  1. 1. BLOG :This is an open platform for any individual to publish their own articles, poems, quotes, photographs, graphics, annimations relevent to our topic the peace and conflict prevention /resolution.
  2. 2. MOVIE QUIZE NIGHT COMPETIOTION :This was a quize competion conducted via Kahoot and Zoom parallely, based on three selected films which had a story line relevent to our topic, the peace and conflict prevention /resolution.
  3. 3. SHORT FILM COMPETION :This was an open competion for local and forign, Rotaractors and non Rotaractors to submit shortfilms relevent to our topic the peace and conflict prevention /resolution.
  4. 4. FLYER SERIES CAMPAIGN : Several flyers under the tagline “Have to Know” which contains legal and inspirational facts regarding peace and conflict prevention /resolution were launched in addition to the flayers launched to communicate about the upcoming events of Filmadora.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN : We have launched a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page exclusively for the project Filmadora in order to interact with the community while carring the messge of peace.We also used whatsapp groups and whatsapp statuses to share infromation and to communicate about the project.
  6. 6. PANNEL DISCUSSION : The panel discussion was held to raise awareness about concequenses of domestic violence, cyber bulling and  the laws and regulations enforceble on the peace and conflict prevention /resolution in sri lanka.
  7. 7. MAGAZINE :This was published on the website of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya as the summery of the entire project remarking the succesfull completion of Filmadora on 6th March.


“Cherished” is a project related to Maternal and Child health. The project team basically focused on the health of pregnant mothers, mothers with infants and infants in this project. The project was held as 2 webinars. The first webinar was held on 16th February 2021. The resource person for the first webinar was Dr. Kosala Muthukumarana, Ministry of Health, Medical officer of Health, Nugegoda and was moderated by Mistika Hewagama. The second webinar was Mrs. D.G Lakshika Priyadarshani, Nursing officer , De Soyza Hospital for women and the webinar was moderated by Hansani Nanayakkara.

The main goal of the project “Cherished” was to make the society aware about matters related to maternal and child health. In addition to the main objective, the project team was also able to achieve the objective of making the community aware about health guidelines, mental stress during pregnancy and make mothers who have just given birth about various information related to new born babies.

At present, mental health problems and diseases have become prominent in society. As a solution to this, Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya in collaboration with the Skepsies Software Development Team, We have launched the project "SITHIVILI"  addressing Sustainable Development Goal No 03 and Disease Prevention and Treatment, one of the Rotary seven Areas of Focus.

Based on the success of our beta version mobile application, this project was implemented with four sub-sections in parallel with the Rotatommorow project with the aim of getting more member engagements.

  1. 1. Sithivili app :Counseling mobile app.
  2. 2. Consultancy space : Private Counseling Service.
  3. 3. Sithivili Magazine : E-magazine with articles on mental healt
  4. 4. Zoom sessions related to mental healthc: Zoom sessions addressing various aspects of mental health.

The topic which was given to our team was Rotaract fellowship and betterment. Since it implies for a project with a higher participation and involvement of a young audience it was suggested that considering the massive fan base of Korean culture that has been created in Sri Lanka, taking advantage of this niche would attract a large audience and simultaneously protrude as an innovative virtual project idea.  

Project K-Fandom is based on Korean drama and thereby how it influenced the Sri-Lankan youth. In order to portray the above objective, four elements in the Korean culture were utilized. Namely, Korean music, Food, Fashion and Language. The project focused on how these four elements penetrated to the Sri Lankan culture in an entertaining manner. For instance utilizing the element of Fashion, we portrayed the evolution of Korean fashion by utilizing popular Korean dramas and how our culture adopted to Korean culture. In order to reflect this we utilized famous Korean trends which propagated in Sri Lanka as a result of Korean drama. The use Jandi bags after the famous Korean drama Boys over flowers can be stated as an example.

Considering the process of the project K-Fandom, we conducted two sessions, covering Music and Food on the first day and Fashion and Language on the following day. In order to bring out Rotaract fellowship and betterment, it was decided to use quizzes, videos, pictures which are related to Korean drama and discussions with the guest speakers in order to attract non Rotaractors to the movement and to improve the involvement of Rotaract members in the club through a fun filled session. First session focused mainly on Korean music and Food whereas the second session was based on Korean Fashion and Language. , where above mentioned means were used to reach the objective. Further as guest speakers Ms.Erandi Heshani who sang a famous Korean drama theme song aired in Sri Lanka graced the first session and famous dubbing artist who brought life to famous Korean characters aired in Sri Lanka, Ms. Chethana Ketagoda was brought in. It was decided that through the two guest speakers it would be relatively easier to reach a young vibrant audience and to discuss about their experiences related to Korean dramas would amplify the level of enthusiasm.

The project K-Fandom as a whole had a massive audience of over 450+ participants on both the days through zoom and Facebook live. The positive feedback received by the audience, guest speakers on both the sessions were phenomenal. The project enabled to give a different perspective to Korean dramas, the fact that it is much more than an emotion rather it can have viewed as a display of elements of another culture penetrating to Sri Lanka was portrayed throughout the session.    

“Reboot” was an initiative by us to improve the knowledge of the GCE O/L students on the key subjects of Science, Mathematics and English. We identified that due to the prevailing situation around the world, this year’s O/L students were in a difficult place because they were unable to attend to their studies in a regular manner. We, therefore decided to have a series of online quizzes and webinars through which we could reach out to students around the country, encouraging and motivating them to learn these subjects in an entertaining manner. The project was conducted under three main phases;

Phase 1- This phase was conducted under three sessions; Science, Mathematics and English. Each session spanned a period of three days. On day 1, we gave the participants a question paper which covered the subject material and encouraged them to try it out on their own. On day 2, we held a webinar and our own university undergraduates taught and discussed that paper with the participants via Zoom. On day 3, we had a quiz for all participants using google forms through which we selected the highest scoring participants for phase 2.

Phase 2- Only 50 participants were chosen to move forward into phase 2. We had another quiz within phase 2, which consisted of all three subjects covered in Phase 1 using the Kahoot platform. We also had a Motivational session conducted by Dr. Tharindu Weerasinghe - Senior Lecturer, University of Kelaniya via Zoom which was open to anyone interested and not just for the O/L students who had registered for the project.

Phase 3- We chose only the top 10 scorers of the quiz conducted in Phase 2 for the Grand Finale. Under Phase 3, we had a quiz for the top 10 participants which consisted of General Knowledge and IQ questions. We conducted this final event via Zoom and live streamed it on Facebook as well. We also gave the audience an opportunity to win exciting gifts by having a General Knowledge quiz for them as well. Mr. Thanura Madugeeth and Mr. Suneera Sumanga facilitated the event for us with entertainment in-between the quizzes and the formalities

All participants were given e-certificates while the top 10 participants and winners received gift vouchers.

Project ‘Fe-Male’ was a novel initiative launched under the project RotaTomorrow conducted by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya. Project ‘Fe-Male’ was organized as a medium to channel the common problems and issues faced by women daily, through a domestic and industrial perspective to provide a platform to address such issues. The
project commenced on 08th of January, 2021 and continued until 07th of March 2021. It was intended to contribute to achieve the goal of ‘gender equality’ which has been set as one of
the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

Project Objectives :

  1. 1. To identify difficulties faced by women despite age, social status, occupation, religion, and
    ethnic group they belong to.
  2. 2. To engage in meaningful conversation with exemplary females making a mark in their own
    diverse industries/fields.
  3. 3. To gather solutions for problems raised during the survey analysis.
  4. 4. To identify female leaders within the Rotaract Movement

Eco Heal was a project organized by Rota Tomorrow Team J from the
Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya with the primary objective of
developing an awareness platform on wildlife and life below water under the
tagline “Young blood for a preserved tomorrow”. As the tagline indicates the
primary target audience of the project was the young generation who will have a pivotal role in the future with regards to environmental conservation and this project was undertaken with the aim of providing a basic platform and knowledge base. Further, Eco-Heal had the target of raising awareness of United Nations delegated Sustainable Development Goals, namely, “Life on Land” and “Life Below Water”. As a further point, Eco Heal promoted a strong collaborative relationship among its team members, building fruitful relationships within a team. We hope to motivate our core audience of Rotaractors, university undergraduates and students as well as non-rotaractors and all other participants of our project to construct positive attitudes towards wildlife conservation while achieving heightened awareness of the United Nations designated Sustainable Development Goals in Sri Lanka.

  1. 1.Webinar on Widlife Conservation by Dr.Kalinga Padmalal (Wildife Ecologist)
  2. 2.Webinar on Marine Conservation by Mr.K.M Sudesh Ruvinda (Lecturer, Department of zoology and environment management, University of Kelaniya)
  3. 3.Travel with Eco-Heal (Virtual trip to Udawalawa Elephant transit home) Movies with Eco-Heal (Flyer series and blog article series)
  4. 4.Flyers series promoting 14 and 15 SDG Goals Creations with Eco-Heal (Competition on Photography, Article writing, Poetry, Drawings, Quotes, Graphic designing and Animation)

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Rtr. Madusha Jayarathne

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Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya

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