Editorial Avenue

Adding cherries, glaze and icing to the beautifully baked projects is what these people are specialized in. Equipped with pens mightier than swords, here are the wordsmiths of the club, The Editorial avenue of RACUOK.

As the Editorial avenue of RACUOK, we are responsible for connecting the Rotaract community and our projects through our blog. The blog gives an outsider insight into our amazing projects, woven into words by our Editorial team. We here at the Editorial firmly believe in two things, that words have the power to change a life and there’s a hidden writer in everyone. That is why we always do projects that try to bring out the hidden creativity of our members. We are the proud initiators of several exciting projects. We promise to continue our work, shed light into social matters through stories and projects brought into life by our editors & team and bring around a change in the community through our words.

Directors -Editorial 2020-21

Past Projects

  • Creative writing competition Poetry/Prose 2020

  • The Rotaract Magazine

  • Motivo                              

Upcoming Projects