Athena Magazine

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  1. What a perfect,informative magazine!🤩Loved every page and enjoyed these drawings, photographs and poems. And must say the overall style and quality of articles is top notch.You guys have some real artistic talent gathered together here. One can spend hours only looking at pages and it’s got a unique focus and great material as well.I would also just like to thank you all for this amazing magazine and also your commitment for bringing this magazine to birth. I’m really proud of us.💪Congratulations on the job well done guys!♥️ Cheers to ATHENA!🥂✨

  2. Athena magazine is brilliant in every way. The magazine clearly shows how much work has been put into it. Appreciate all the authors, artists and photographers for sending their great pieces for our magazine . And also so proud of the Athena OC and the IS Avenue everyone gave their best to make our project a great success
    Well done everyone!! ♥️✨

  3. The magazine is amazing 🤩 brilliant work by the entire IS team. Im so Proud become A member of Athena OC😍💕gd job guys🤗💕

  4. One of the most inspiring magazines that I have ever reached. From the opening to the end it is informative and motivating. Even the colour combination and page designs speaks a lot about ATHENA’s effort. Cheers❤️

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